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Newbury Data has excellent knowledge of printer programming languages that include Epson and IBM for dot matrix printers, FGL for Citizen and Datamax printers, PGL and VGL for Printronix printers and CPCL, EPL and ZPL for Zebra’s wide range of desktop and mobile printers.

Commonly, native printer programming languages simplify label and page printing formatting, and are widely used in legacy, bespoke, WMS & ERP applications


Whilst many companies have retained either the in-house or outsourced programming capability to re-write the software application to use up to date printer technologies, some companies have had to completely re-write or even introduce new software in order to use common printing technology, even just to use up to date versions of the same technology, and all at considerable costs.

Alternatively, Newbury Data can help design/re-design and support new and/or existing dot matrix printing applications using Newbury Data "StringChange", Intermec "Fingerprint", Printronix “CST’s” or Zebra “ZBI”, known as an Alternative Printer Programming Language (“APPL”). APPL’s control and interpret text and bar code data from peripherals and non-compatible printer programming languages to be able to use alternative printing technologies as well as alternative manufacturer printers.

APPL will benefit customers who want to:

  • replace discontinued legacy printers for up to date versions of the same technology
  • convert existing data streams to support alternative technology printers
  • convert existing data stream to alternative manufacturers of the same technology printers
  • convert existing text data streams to text and bar code data streams for the same or alternative technology printers
  • create “value-add” solutions to existing printers

APPL Cost benefits

  • no costly software re-works
  • no system re-design
  • no additional purchase and training for new software programs
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