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GS1 Label Solutions

Label Application Generation Software

Newbury Data provide touch customised labelling software solutions using Data-Form and Data-Watch application generation development tools .


Label printing operators often use label design applications with an over-featured user interface to print, which increases the frequency of errors when printing labels. This is where Data-Form - an application generator of custom input forms - steps in. Custom printing applications (using touch screen or traditional computers) are generated with ease, including advanced features such as database connectivity, label preview, and linked forms.

The generated forms are used as stand-alone Windows applications and require no additional training to master.

Custom Data-entry Forms Increase Reliability and Productivity

  • Save money and time spent on the software training for label printing operators!
  • Minimize all risks for printing labels with the wrong or corrupted data!
Custom label printing applications have never been more available (exmaples below)

Data-Form offers a visual design of data-entry application for particular label layout. It includes:

  • Authentic print preview
  • Database tables
  • Multiple screen applications
  • Pre-defined values and data control
  • Optional label and printer type selection
  • Optional VB Scripting for advanced programming control
  • Distributed printing using NiceWatch print server



Many production and business environments require automated printing in a multi-operating system environment (Unix, AS/400, Host, etc.) or complex application environments (ERP, WMS, etc).

Data-Watch is a data detection and printing automation module, which provides an affordable middle-ware solution, removing the need for programming integration of printing into existing systems.

Label Printing from any Software, any Platform

Sometimes automated printing is required in a multi-operating system environment (Unix, AS/400, Host, etc.) or complex application environments (ERP, WMS, etc.), where it is not possible to write program code using Automation commands. Deploying Data-Watch, a powerful data detection module, provides you with an affordable solution in these situations that acts as middleware on a Windows-based PC.

Main Characteristics

  • Enable printing from other local or remote applications running within the network
  • Trigger label printing with simple file drop on a shared disk (including data or commands)
  • Connect with COM port devices (scale, barcode reader) using monitoring or polling
  • Internet printing (e-mail, TCP/IP sockets)
  • Data filtering (use existing reports, printer command files, etc.)
  • Optional VB Scripting for advanced programming control
  • Could run as a service (no user login required) on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Data Detection

Data-Watch is an event-driven application, capable of monitoring and detecting data in many different formats to trigger the start of label production.

The standard scenario involves writing text files or exporting databases from an ERP system or other application to a shared network drive. Other trigger options include communication from serial port devices (bar code reader, scale, etc.) and monitoring POP3 mail accounts. The TCP/IP trigger option allows you to accept information via TCP/IP ports from other computers or devices on the network.

Cross application and platform printing utilizing the data-detection module

Should the incoming data be in a non-structured format (reports, printer command files, serial port and TCP/IP data, etc.), there are many ways to process it. Data-Watch provides numerous filters to properly extract data for label printing, leaving the existing application entirely unmodified.


Database Management

Data-Base, a powerful database manager, allows the user to create and edit database tables and import data from text files to database tables. Maintaining a customer or product database has never been easier.

Manage product databases with ease and confidence

With Data-Base you will be easily able to:

  • Create and maintain database with articles, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Create new tables and select indexes for faster search (Microsoft Access, dBase, Paradox)
  • Browse and edit tables (any ODBC database)
  • Import data from text files into the tables

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