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Computers & PDA's

Mobile Computer Cabinets (MCC’s)


MCC's offer mobile computer charging, storage and communication with the devices - a perfect all-in-one solution. It can charge 20/25 devices, have Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity to all of the terminals and its lockable doors provide secure storage.

They come in a variety of sizes, each shelf houses 4-5 mobile computers and doubles as a central storage location. This central storage solution allows for quick and easy visual assessment of missing units and provides easy access to recharged terminals.

The unit’s strong steel construction in a smart and durable black powder coat finish provides an attractive, neat storage solution. In one convenient location you can store your mobile computers, thus removing the problems associated with housing and charging a large number of mobile terminals.

Key Features


  • Communications: Dual Ethernet ports built in for redundancy for LAN based communications.
  • Housing: Lockable doors with solid or clear shatter proof PETG panels. Built in key ways to allow for secure mounting to the wall (optional back to back plates available to allow cabin ets to be linked)
  • Positive Air Pressure: Designed to allow positive airflow for cooling and venting ensuring long life from your peripherals and units.
  • Construction: A strong steel construction in a smart and durable powder coat finish and provides an attractive, neat solution. Available to order in any colour subject to order quantities.
  • Dimensions: W 500mm x D 300mm x H 2050mm

Technical Specifications

  • Mass: 55 kg
  • Operating temperature: 10-30oC
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 65%
  • Isolation classification: Class 1 (must be earthed)
  • Power consumption: 5 x 76W max / 380W max
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Operating frequency: 50Hz Fuse rating: 10A


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