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Auto ID & RFID Solutions

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

Newbury Data maximises the flexibility of RFID with an easy-to-use smart label proof of concept solution that enable you to create and test smart labels whenever and wherever you need them.


Radio frequency identification (RFID) is becoming increasingly popular as a complement to bar coding or as a stand-alone solution. RFID's flexibility, batch read capabilities, rewrite functionality and durability provide added value to users who are facing tough automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) challenges. Newbury Data offers RFID capabilities to users in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, retail, security, and warehousing.


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Newbury Data’s GEN2 RFID Proof of Concept Demo Solution

Wondering where to start with RFID? Why start with

  • Business analysis consultants
  • Return On Investment (ROI) reports
  • Middleware or Software review
  • Increased data flow handling and storage
  • Membership to governing bodies
  • Fear or force of supplier status

When you should start with

  • evaluation of the ”Air Interface” technology layer to support the justification to review future RFID systems
  • Where will RFID create points of failure?

Ensuring you have the ability read data from smart labels successfully into your system/application is the major factor in a successful RFID system. Only where the Air Interface exists between labelled product and reader is there a real threat that the system will not collect and administrate the required data. Most companies are steaming ahead with costly reviews of finding ways to maximise the payback RFID data delivers. But many have yet to evaluate correct label & antenna positioning and power requirements with their product material and/or packaging to ensure full readability at both the supplier and receiver network portals.

GEN2 Proof of Concept System

Take the risk out of RFID with a proof of concept solution designed to help you evaluate and identify correct label and antenna position on your chosen product and packaging.

Rent or Buy

Rent the system with an option to buy. The GEN2 Proof of Concept System includes everything you will need to be able to print, encode, read, review, report your test results, including a Printronix T5204r Smart label Printer with GEN2 Smart labels. The system is powered by the Printronix Mobile Powercart, which has sufficient power to operate the printer, reader, laptop and network hub for an 8 hour test period before requiring a recharge.


Feature   Benefit
  • Low cost of initial investment
Low Cost Risk Analysis of RFID capability
  • Real Time Hands on learning
Learn how RFID works without interrupting your existing business process
  • Its a real/live RFID System
Use the single piece RFID software or the Reader diagnostics tools to learn about RFID read rates, read speed, signal strengths etc
  • Stand Alone System
No redesign or reprogramming of existing system required to test RFID capability
  • Mobile System
Test RFID in multiple locations without the need and cost of installing numerous power points and communication ports
  • Future Proof
Once you have tested your RFID capability the hardware forms part of the Pilot system hardware requirement
For companies who will use Print & Apply Solutions
  • Slap & Ship Approach
  Apply individual labels to identify the best places to apply your smart labels before committing to online pilots that may be affected by incorrect placement of labels
RFID Products


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