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Visibility Server Software


Visibility Server Software (VSS) — developed by Zebra Technologies — is an integrated software package that provides all of the tools required to design, configure, provision and trouble shoot the two Zebra Real Time Locating System (RTLS) Technologies - WhereNet ISO/IEC 24730 and Dart Ultra Wideband IEEE 802.15.4f.   


VSS provides all core software components allowing efficient resource management with extensive capabilities. At the centre of these software components is a location engine that detects and computes the locations of the RTLS tags and makes this information available to Zebra and or third-party and business applications using the VSS API.


Another key component included within VSS is the Launcher, which provides a single point of entry to all the components of VSS. Residing as a tray icon, the launcher can be easily accessed and includes the following groups of software modules: Operation, Administration, Diagnostics, Installation and Documentation.  With VSS, you can locate, identify and track assets, know their status, and react to user configurable alert conditions. VSS also supports Zebra WhereCall buttons, which enables wireless messaging within your operations. VSS capabilities allow you to wirelessly request parts replenishment, eliminate manual searches, manage parts through WIP operations, and much more. VSS is designed to help streamline your operations while achieving a higher level of inventory accuracy.


In addition to supporting ISO/IEC 24730, VSS includes connectors that interface with Cisco’s Mobility Service Engine (MSE) and Zebra’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) Dart Hub appliance. Interfacing VSS with the MSE allows more effective tracking and management of Wi-Fi devices and tagged assets within a CCX infrastructure. Likewise, interfacing with Dart Hubs offers enhanced management capabilities for assets that are tracked using high-precision Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology.  Moreover, VSS provides the tools required to control and monitor the Real Time Location System, including configuration tool, diagnostics, system alert, health monitors, and installation tools. The Alert System allows users to define their own alerts and configure email notifications.  SNMP MIB extensions are also included so that the RTLS system can be managed as part of the enterprise standard IT infrastructure.


Resource Manager

Resource Manager is an ActiveX browser-based client application that connects to the Microsoft SQL Server database and provides the platform for all the Zebra applications. It has the following features:


  • IMPORT:  Users can import and update any data that resides within VSS and Zebra applications.
  • RESOURCE ALERTS: Allows users  to define powerful alert conditions that result in  email notifications
  • ICONS & PLAYBACK: All resources and resource types can be assigned a unique icon allowing asset images to appear on the map that look similar to the assets being tracked.
  • PLAYBACK: Displays historical asset movement on a site map.
  • SCHEDULED REPORTS: In addition to on-demand emailing of reports, VSS allows users to automatically receive selected reports based on a schedule configured by the user.
  • ACCESS CONTROL Allows administrators to control which users have access to selected reports and data entry.
  • FILTER HIDING Allows users to minimize the amount of information that is displayed within reports.
  • DATABASE ARCHIVING & PURGING Control how much data is stored in the database before it is automatically archived and purged.
  • Installation and Documentation modules are tools that are used during the installation and initial configuration of Zebras RTLS system.  A complete set of help files for installation, operation and troubleshooting are included in these two groups.
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