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Learn More About Zebra Printers


Newbury Data have been awarded Zebra Approved Service Partner status for the following Zebra printers

  • Label Printers
  • Kiosk Printers
  • Mobile Printers

Zebra Authorised Service Providers


A Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to provide quality service and support for all Zebra products. All ZASPs have completed extensive Zebra training and are required to recertify every 2 years. Zebra endorses and certifies all ZASPs to provide on-site repair, as well as installation, maintenance contracts, depot repair and technical support.

By using a ZASP, you have peace of mind knowing that trained Zebra technicians are keeping your Zebra printers operating at optimum performance levels and using genuine Zebra parts and printheads.

Comprehensive Support Solutions:

Your ZASP is just a phone call away for technical support that includes:

  • Printer set-up and installation, including network support, on-site repairs and depot repair.
  • Service from Zebra-certified repair technicians.
  • Telephone support from Zebra-certified technical support representatives for the primary contact at your location.
  • Maintenance contracts and extended warranties through ZebraCare™.

Importance Notice regarding supply of Zebra spare parts as of 1st July 2013.

  • Only Zebra business partners with specific authorisation to service have access to the Spare Parts Kits that are used in repair services.
  • Newbury Data recommends that ALL customers, both end user clients and 3rd Party Service providers use one of the available ZebraCare solutions for all future servicing of Zebra printers.
  • Please contact Newbury Data sales to discuss having your printer serviced by our in house ZASP engineers or to discuss ZebraCare solutions.


Protecting your investment

You have invested in Zebra because you want market-leading printers that deliver exceptional performance, reliability and value for money. To ensure you get the very best from your Zebra® printer, ZebraCare Services have been developed to deliver solutions that will help  you remain competitive in the marketplace.

All ZebraCare Services cover the labour, spare parts and preventative maintenance (and, where applicable, printheads and transport) necessary to bring your printer back to full operation.

Safeguarding your printers with ZebraCare provides assurance that our product experts will quickly repair and return your printer to you in working order!

ZebraCare Services help:

• Maximise uptime and productivity

• Ensure swift hardware repairs by Zebra printer specialists

• Manage risk

• Eliminate your inventory of parts

• Maximise printer reliability and perating efficiency

• Fix annual operating costs up front

• Provide the cover for unforeseen emergencies

Choose the ZebraCare service that suits you:

Depot Service or On-Site Service

Quality and Flexibility


Your Zebra® printer is a crucial part of your bar code printing solution. That is why Zebra offers an array of service agreements designed to keep your printer in proper working condition. You will have peace of mind in knowing that highly trained professionals using quality parts are servicing your printer. And you get all of this at a competitive price.

No matter which program best fits your needs, you will have access to a wide range of benefits, including:


  • Trained Product Experts
  • Quick Turn Around Times
  • Genuine Zebra™ Parts and Printheads
  • Most Current Engineering Specifications

A Commitment to Quality and Continual Improvement

Zebra has Service Agreements That are Right for You

A ZebraCare service agreement is a cost-effective means of planning and budgeting your annual maintenance expenditures. Your agreement ensures that Zebra-certified and -trained technicians bring your printer back to factory specifications. Zebra offers a number of service agreements along with an additional service option.

ZebraCare Depot Service is a service agreement where you return non-functioning products to Zebra. ZebraCare.  Depot Service comes in two options: Warranty Plus and Comprehensive.

  • The Warranty Plus Service includes coverage on all parts and labour for all repairs except those to printers that have reached the end of their useful life and so are beyond economic repair.
  • In addition to the coverage provided under the Warranty Plus Service, the Comprehensive Service includes printheads and printhead replacement. This Service is intended to fix the annual cost of your printing solution, eliminating all extra or hidden costs.
  • We typically repair printers in 5 business days, where day one is the day of receipt at Zebra. Zebra pays for return shipping.
  • Upgrade to the Collection Service, where Zebra organises the next business day collection of your non-functioning printer.
  • Upgrade to the Four-day Turnaround option where your printer is either repaired or replaced with an equivalent model.  A minimum of 100 printers must be under contract for this option to apply.

The ZebraCare On-Site Service is a service agreement that is available in the UK and Ireland that allows customers to receive service on their Zebra printers at their place of business


  • With this service, a Zebra-trained technician arrives at your location the next business day, and you will be up and running with your printer repaired or replaced with an equivalent loan or exchange model within 4 days. On every call, preventative maintenance is carried out.
  • ZebraCare On-Site Service Agreements provide cover for all parts and labour for all repairs, including  printhead replacement, except those to printers that have reached the end of their useful life and so are beyond economic repair

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