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High Speed Order Picking Printing System


A distribution centre for a set of products is a warehouse or other specialised building, often with refrigeration or air conditioning, which is stocked with products (goods) to be re-distributed to retailers, to wholesalers or directly to consumers.

A distribution centre is a principal part, the "order processing" element, of the entire "order fulfilment" process.


Distribution centres are usually thought of as being "demand driven". A distribution centre can also be called a warehouse, a DC, a fulfilment centre, a cross-dock facility, a bulk break centre, and a package handling centre.

The name by which the distribution centre is known is commonly based on the purpose of the operation.  For example a "retail distribution centre" normally distributes goods to retail stores, an "order fulfilment centre" commonly distributes goods directly to consumers, and a cross-dock facility stores little or no product but distributes goods to other destinations.

Distribution centres are the foundation of a "supply network" as they allow a single location to stock a vast number of products. Some organizations operate both retail distribution and direct-to-consumer out of a single facility, sharing space, equipment, labour resources and inventory as applicable.

Since a large retailer might sell tens of thousands of products from thousands of vendors, it would be impossibly inefficient to ship each product directly from each vendor to each store. Many retailers own and run their own distribution networks, while smaller retailers may outsource this function to dedicated logistics firms that coordinate the distribution of products for a number of companies.


Another way to look at a distribution centre is to see it as a production or manufacturing operation.  Goods arrive in bulk, they are stored until needed, retrieved and assembled into shipments.  The efficient processing of a distribution centre can greatly impact the final price of product as it is delivered to the end user.  Efficient processing not only directly impacts the cost of goods through reduced labour it indirectly impacts the cost of goods through reduced inventory.  Inventory represents an investment with its associated investment interest or inventory carrying cost.  Reducing the processing time of order processing can directly reduce the amount of inventory necessary to be stocked in the operation.

Order picking

The order picking or order preparation operation is one of a logistic warehouse's process. It consists of taking and collecting articles in a specified quantity before shipment to satisfy customers orders. It is a basic warehousing process and has an important influence on supply chain's productivity. This makes order picking one of the most controlled logistic processes. It is one of the warehouse management system functionalities.

Shipping list

A shipping list, packing list, packing slip (also known as a bill of parcel, unpacking note, packaging slip, (delivery) docket, delivery list, or customer receipt), is a shipping document that can also act as the order picking list that accompanies delivery packages, usually inside an attached shipping pouch or inside the package itself.  It commonly includes an itemised detail of the package contents and does not include customer pricing.  It serves to inform all parties, including transport agencies, government authorities, and customers, about the contents of the package. It helps them deal with the package accordingly.

High Speed Order Picking Printing System

Now that we understand the importance of the order picking and picking/shipping lists to meet the high demands of the production and distribution centre, the same level of importance needs to be maintained in selecting suitable printing systems that meets the same demands.


There are many printing technologies used but none come close to the new high speed printing system from Newbury Data.  The system removes the need for constant management individual or multiple devices requiring multiple actions and touches, all of which slow down both the completion of the printing application, and the issuing of jobs to operators.

  • Automatic (up to 500 meter card stock) Roll Holder
  • Toshiba B-SX Series Industrial Thermal Printer
  • High Speed Rotary Cutter
  • Printer Stand (with media storage)
  • Automatic Media Stacker integrated with Printer
  • User Replaceable Media Cassettes
  • Bartender Software or Toshiba BCI application support

High Speed Order Picking System
Toshiba B-SX Series Printers
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