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Printronix Online Data Validator - ODV

Eliminate Compliance Fines With Automatic, 100-Percent Bar Code Validation. Online Data Validation (ODV™) analyzes every bar code printed with the Printronix SL/T5000r ENERGY STAR® thermal bar code printers. ODV assures that all bar codes meet the most stringent scanning standards. With so many companies using bar codes to move products through the supply chain, it’s important for those bar codes to scan correctly every time.

Vendor compliance fines related to bad bar codes are commonplace for vendors who do not validate their bar codes. Vendor compliance fines are an expensive and unnecessary cost in any supply chain. Using Printronix Online Data Validation (ODV) with a Printronix SL/T5000r thermal bar code printer will reduce these costs because each bar code is analyzed immediately and validated as it is printed.


  • Eliminate Chargebacks Due To Poor Bar Code Quality.
    Deliver 100% scannable bar codes to your production area every time automatically.

  • Stop Bad Bar Codes from Getting Into Your Supply Chain.
    ODV stops bad bar codes from getting into your production or distribution systems - without interruption.

  • Minimize Cost Through Automation
    ODV's unique void-and-reprint technology allows the system to run unattended, minimizing cost and offering virtually instant ROI.

  • Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency
    Eliminate the labor time and cost associated with re-labeling cartons due to poor quality bar codes.

  • Capture and Display All Bar Code Quality Data
    Get to the heart of any problem instantly to minimize downtime,

  • Gain Important Visibility
    Capture and display the raw data within each bar code, to provide further assurance that critical data, such as serialized bar codes, print correctly.

  • Quickly Isolate Problem Labels With The ODV Data Manager
    Save “snap shots” of your data so information can be analyzed and viewed online, stored in a file, or exported to a database in real time, for true quality control archive.

  • Printer Management
    Place printers into fault conditions for either bar code quality or data failures, to ensure that bad data will never will enter your system.


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