We know more than a thing or two about labels for printing. By using our approved labels, you'll get great results every time.  So whether you're printing labels onto carton or printing onto highly specialised materials, you can really benefit from our expertise and experience.

We can offer consumables for any major brand and model of printer including all types of toner, inkjet or laser printer cartridges, and comprehensive sizes and weights of paper.

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Eliminate downtime due to inconsistent print quality, re-prints or scannability issues, and increase productivity by using genuine Zebra™ supplies.

Our supplies have been extensively tested and approved by Zebra Supplies R&D to ensure high-quality, crisp images and text. Once selected, we never substitute materials, ensuring consistent print quality and eliminating the need to adjust printer settings.

With more than 1,000 combinations of high-quality and reliable labels, tags, receipts, wristbands and ribbons, including over 500 stock products, Zebra can meet the durability requirements of most applications.

Zebra labels, tags, and ribbons are specifically engineered for Zebra printers. And just like our printers, Zebra supplies are made to a higher standard. Genuine Zebra Supplies minimise wear and tear on your printhead, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Wide selection of solutions

Zebra carries more than 1,000 combinations of high-quality, reliable labels, tags and ribbons – more than 250 of which are UL-recognised and CSA-accepted. This means that whatever the application, we can provide an in-stock or custom-made solution for you.

You can buy Zebra’s stocked supplies products in handy quantities, so you are not forced to take more than you need, and they are quick and easy to order.

Labels, tags and receipts

Zebra holds around 200 different label products stocked and ready to ship at any time. These include a huge choice of paper labels, tags, and receipt rolls, suitable for all Zebra printers. We also carry a selection of stocked synthetic labels for applications needing greater durability.


More than 150 ribbon types and sizes are stocked; these are fully tested and approved for use with our label materials. Make sure you specify Zebra ribbons with your Zebra labels for the best-quality printing solution. Zebra’s network of experienced and knowledgeable distributors spans the globe. There is one near you who can advise you on the best label and ribbon combination for your application.

Our stringent packaging specifications ensure that your Zebra supplies will arrive in perfect condition. And, of course, with Genuine Zebra Supplies, you know that they have been tested extensively to ensure complete compatibility with your Zebra printer.

Specialists in developing unique labelling solutions

Zebra’s experts have been solving difficult labelling problems for years. With our knowledge of adhesives, synthetics, and thermal printing, we have been able to provide our clients with unique solutions that meet the most challenging conditions.

Adhesives: High-strength

We can offer labels with adhesives that will stick on hard-to-adhere surfaces like bricks, concrete, rough timber, or cloth. Not only that, but they can even stick on damp, cold, or greasy materials. For example, we supply labels for demanding applications in the automotive and electronics sectors, such as for use on low-energy plastics and painted components, with excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

Adhesives: Ultra-removable

When you need a label that can be removed cleanly, such as on high-quality retail items (whether on the product itself or its packaging), Zebra has a label to suit. Our ultra-removable adhesives will allow the label to be peeled off most surfaces without leaving behind sticky residue. We also supply synthetic labels with ultra-removable adhesives for applications in the electronics and manufacturing sectors.

Durable solutions

As well as a good adhesive, an efficient, durable label needs good-quality paper or synthetic material. Zebra probably offers more durable solutions than any of its competitors. For example, our labels are used on printed circuit boards and electronic components, electrical products, white and brown goods, automotive parts, and in heavy engineering applications.

If you cannot find the solution you need, or want to improve your current labelling solution, let us help you.

Security solutions

Counterfeiting and piracy of branded products cost brand owners world-wide more than 600 million euros each year. Zebra offers a range of security and tamper-evident solutions, which can help protect your brand’s image and value by preventing fraud as your product moves through the supply chain.

Basic security solutions include tamper-evident adhesives, destructible films, and special die-cuts. For companies that require higher levels of security, Zebra has more advanced solutions, which use unique ribbon formulae, special inks, and specialist films.

Most of the security labelling solutions from Zebra can easily be added to your current operations, so you can enhance your current security measures with an additional layer of protection.

Optimum print quality

It goes without saying that Zebra prides itself on the print performance of its label materials.
Because Zebra only makes labels for Zebra printers, its entire label manufacturing operation is focussed on providing the best print performance for its printer customers. Zebra supplies the best-quality label facestocks and ribbon products from around the world.

Where scanning reliability and 100% consistent print quality are specified, you can choose from several paper and synthetic materials that are unsurpassed for small font and bar code print quality. Where pre-printed coloured labels are required, it’s important to know that the inks will not adversely affect the quality of the thermal printing or, indeed, the performance of the printers. Zebra offers pre-printed labels in up to six colours, using tested and approved inks. With our extensive approval process, you can be sure that our pre-printed labels will enable maximum performance from your Zebra printer.

Why run with anything else?

Zebra Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of bar code label printing systems, providing printers and supplies to businesses and governments in nearly 100 countries around the world. If you run a Zebra printer, and if quality, reliability, range, and availability are critical to your performance, Zebra labels and ribbons have to be the natural choice.