Citizen Mid Range

Citizen Mid Range printers combine performance with reliability to deliver hundreds of labels every day.

These powerful units are also designed to offer easy media loading, while an all-metal print head in most models ensures extraordinary long lasting service.

Citizen’s CL-E720 mid-range barcode printer extended an already impressive line of high quality, durable and extremely functional products in the mid-range printing category. Fitting nicely in the value price category beneath Citizen’s own CL-S700 product line, the CL-E720 provides great functionality with clear value benefits.

Citizen is pleased to announce the release of several key additions to the CL-E700 series of mid-range barcode products, the CL-E730 and the CL-E720DT. Adding the ability to print in high 300DPI PRINT RESOLUTION, the CL-E730 is for those applications which require high resolution graphic or barcode printing providing even more value in the mid-range category.

The further addition of the new CL-E720DT provides the simple to use and value based DIRECT THERMAL only printing capability for further cost streamlining, where no ribbon is needed or required.

Citizen CL-S700 - Easy-to-use Label & Barcode Printer