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Terms & Condition of Use:

1. All RMA’s for warranty and chargeable repairs must be made online using the RMA request system.

2. The Online RMA request system is only applicable for items to be sent to Newbury Data for repair under original manufacturer warranty, or for chargeable repairs.

3. The system will only accept reason for return as “Warranty Repair” or “Chargeable Repair”

4. The serial number of the faulty item must be provided and will be used to qualify repairs claimed under manufacturer warranty.

5. The “Reason for Return” information required by the customer is to enable improvements in the repair process by receiving accurate information directly from the customer. Incorrect information may result in incorrect fault analysis when returned, which could lead to increased labour (and costs) to identify and resolve the actual fault.

6. Warranty Repairs: On receipt of the request, the RMA administrator will validate warranty repairs before emailing the RMA approved form that will be used to ship and administrate the request.

7. Chargeable Repairs: On receipt of the request, the RMA administrator will email the RMA form that will contain the customer provided RMA details, packing/shipping instructions and summary of charges for the repair.

8. Please ensure you provide the name of the company where the product was purchased from if not directly from Newbury Data.

9. The customer will be called on their number given if any RMA claimed under “Warranty Repair” is not approved, with the option of accepting the RMA under “Chargeable Repair”.

10. Any item to be returned for credit must be processed through the Sales Administration team, the telephone number is 01606 593424, and not through the online RMA system. Newbury Data does not accept that receipt of goods returned for credit using the online RMA constitutes agreement to credit the item, and will return the item to the address given at the customers expense.

11. All cartons and packages must have the rma number clearly marked on the exterior.

12. All equipment must be returned in the original packing or suitable alternative.

13. If returned parts are missing, packed inadequately or the equipment is misused, a reasonable charge will be made.

14. This RMA is valid for 30 days from issue date.