Product downtime or disruption can have long reaching affects to your business. Maintenance is essential to maintain the up-time and peak performance of your technology. At Newbury Data we believe maintenance should be a pro-active decision not a re-active action. Good maintenance prolongs life, reduces day to day running costs and will ensure maximum ROI. We deal directly with Zebra when promoting and procuring the Zebra OneCare solution to match our clients needs. This ensures we can provide the right comprehensive cover for you, allowing you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business. Zebra OneCare is paramount to any business with mission critical applications.


Every day, you depend on your Zebra mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers to keep your business up and running efficiently. Ensure you get the predictable and dependable performance you need to maximize device uptime and return on investment for your Zebra devices with Zebra OneCare Support Services.