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RJS Barcode Verifiers

RJS Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Inspector series portable bar code verifiers.

The Inspector series of portable bar code verifiers are accurate and repeatable devices used world-wide to ensure bar codes will work throughout the supply chain.

The Inspector 5000 is an upgrade from the previous D4000 model and has the following differences:

The two biggest advantages are:

  1. Easier to use
  2. Better troubleshooting

A longer list of differences:

  • Larger/Wider color graphical LCD screen
  • Pass/Fail screen (with simulated Bar Tolerance LEDs) for easy identification
  • Problem areas are highlighted in red with other Yellow warnings color coded as well
  • The Scan Reflectance Profile highlights in color the worst location for Decodability, Modulations, and Defects
  • Quiet Zone widths are displayed
  • Print growth detailed in % rather than colored lights/letters
  • Narrow bar width calculator
  • Bar coded data is broken down and explained in detail
  • Instructions and ISO parameter explainations are displayed on the LCD screen
  • Unit analyzes codes faster than current models
  • Reports will include a time/date stamp
  • Unit has an internal battery, and holds a charge much longer