Label & Card Printing Bureau

Newbury Data recognise that many companies of all sizes, even departments or divisions of many major organisations may not have their own labeling and card production systems.  This is because they may not be able to justify the cost of the new software, hardware and media that are only required on an adhoc basis, this is where Newbury Data’s Label & Card Printing Bureau can help.

Newbury Data is able to provide low, medium and high volume requirements for printing plain or pre-printed labels and cards at competitive prices. Printing labels and/or cards that can contain:

  • Sequential text numbers
  • Sequential numbered barcodes
  • Barcodes in alpha - numeric sequences
  • ANSI Verified barcodes
  • HF & UHF RFID labels or cards
  • Text, logos, images & symbols

Design Service

Using powerful label and card design software, Newbury Data will create the label or card design free of charge if you do not already have a design. The design team will prepare a design sign off document that will also detail any sequential numbering requirements prior to printing.

Customer Data

Non-disclosure agreements are available for customer databases supplied in the following formats:

  • .csv
  • .mdb
  • .sql
  • .txt
  • .xls

Label, Card & Ribbon Specifications

Newbury Data media specialists will advise as to the correct media for you application, combining the correct label or card material, face stocks and coatings, with the most suitable adhesive, together with correct ribbons to meet the most basic or comprehensive applications. Materials include:

  • Paper or synthetics labels
  • Tamper proof, self destruct labels
  • Adhesives to suit all materials
  • GEN2 compliant RFID Smart labels
  • 13.56Mhz RFID Smart Labels and Cards
  • 10 & 30 mil Cards

Printing Technologies

Thermal Labels:

Printronix T5000r series with online data validation/verification

  • Suitable for low, medium and high volume requirements
  • 100% verification of 1D barcodes (printed picket fence orientation)
  • Support for all 2D barcodes
  • label sizes up to 8” wide
  • GEN2 compliant RFID labels
  • Suitable for paper, synthetic and RFID media


Zebra Card printers

  • Mono or full colour
  • 10 or 30mil cards
  • Plain white or coloured cards
  • Plain, Smart or Contactless Cards