Zebra MC9400 – Zebra MC9450

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Zebra MC9400 – Zebra MC9450

Best-in-class data capture and communication options

The latest in advanced scanning technology

Give your workers an unmatched scanning range with the new SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocusTM technology. Scan barcodes in hand to over 100 ft./30.5 m away4 — substantially farther than any scanner on the market. And the innovative green laser aimer is up to seven times more visible than the typical red aimer dot, making it easy to scan items on top warehouse racks.

Biometric facial recognition

Workers get easy device access, while you get the peace of mind that device access is restricted to pre-authorized users only, eliminating the risk of shared or compromised passwords.


Nearly five million MC9000 Series ultra-rugged mobile computers have helped streamline and error-proof processes in the toughest environments — from manufacturing and warehousing to ports, yards and retail stores. Introducing the next evolution in this highly successful handheld mobile computer family, the MC9400/MC9450. Loaded with all the latest mobile technologies, these devices are faster, ready to power the new generation of industrial applications. Scanning is easier with the world’s greatest scanning range — from in-hand to over 100 ft./30.5 m away. And with Wi-Fi 6E and private and public 5G, you get the fastest wireless connections available today — plus the ability to easily and cost-effectively extend your wireless networks to the most expansive indoor and outdoor facilities.

The latest in wireless connectivity

Private and public 5G — new cost-effective wireless options

These are the first gun-style devices to offer private and public 5G wireless data connectivity, bringing new affordable wireless networking options to expansive outdoor and indoor environments.1 And with two SIM card options — nano SIM and eSim — you can support private and public 5G connections simultaneously for network redundancy or deploy different wireless networks in different areas of the business.

Wi-Fi 6E – maximum speed and performance, indoors and outside

Get the fastest Wi-Fi connections available, Wi-Fi 6E.2

Advanced Bluetooth connectivity

Compared to Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth 5.3 increases energy efficiency for improved battery life; minimizes device interference for more reliable and higher quality connections, and enables more secure connections through enhanced security features.

zebra mc9400-zebra mc9450-spec-sheet


zebra mc9400-zebra mc9450-spec-sheet

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