MIFARE Ultralight Nano

MIFARE Ultralight Nano is the latest generation of smart paper ticketing ICs within the MIFARE Ultralight family. The innovative contactless technology is designed for single-use applications and dedicated to replace mag stripe, barcode/QR-code and standard printed paper tickets.

The programmable user memory ensures sufficient flexibility. Furthermore, NXP’s ECC-programmable (elliptic curve cryptography) customer specific originality signature offers a unique possibility for differentiation.

NXP’s MIFARE Ultralight Nano opens the door for a smooth, cost efficient migration from single-use paper tickets used in public transport or event ticketing to contactless chip card technology. The benefits of the contactless chip card technology include reduced system installation and maintenance costs, increased user throughput, fraud reduction and aggregated NFC based services.

MIFARE Ultralight Nano complies with the international standard ISO14443 type A and therefore can be smoothly integrated into existing contactless schemes. Standard paper ticket vending equipment can also be upgraded to enable contactless smart paper tickets.

Key features

  • Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443A & NFC (ISO18092)
  • NFC Forum type 2 tag compliant
    • NFC mobile device compatible
  • 40 byte user memory
  • 32 Bit OTP Area
  • 7 Byte UID
  • 17 pF and 50 pF input capacitance versions for standard and small antenna sizes
  • ECC-supported NXP originality signature
    • Originality signature programmable to a customer’s unique signature
    • On/Offline validation of the originality signature with dedicated mobile App
    • Fully interoperability with all MIFARE Ultralight family members

Key applications

  • Public transportation
  • Event ticketing
  • Access to Theme Parks, Museums, Historic Places and more