Zebra MC2200

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MC2200 and MC2700 Mobile Computers

When it comes to empowering workers in small and medium-sized businesses, the MC2200 and MC2700 deliver ‘no compromise’ affordable mobility. Connect practically any worker, anywhere with the WiFi-only (MC2200) and WiFi/cellular data (MC2700) options. The touchscreen and keypad provide superior application flexibility. Unparalleled ergonomics set the bar for comfort. The right level of ruggedness delivers dependable operation. And Mobility DNA tools make your devices easier to use, manage and secure.


MC2200 Mobile Computer

Affordable Mobility for Workers Inside Your Facility

The MC2200 delivers the industry fastest and most dependable WiFi connections. So whether workers are picking, packing or shipping orders in your warehouse, replenishing inventory on the manufacturing line, taking inventory in the backroom of a retail store or assisting customers on the sales floor, they are productive every minute of every shift.

MC2700 Mobile Computer

Affordable Mobility for Workers in Expansive Outdoor Yards and Out in the Field

With LTE support, the MC2700 delivers the fastest cellular data connections. Whether workers are loading and unloading containers on ships in a port, managing inventory outside in a multi-acre yard, capturing proof of delivery and condition for package delivery, repairing equipment or making sales calls, they always have access to the information they need to maximise efficiency and task accuracy.

Zebra mc2200 mc2700 specification sheet pdf


Zebra mc2200 mc2700 specification sheet pdf

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